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Created by us, inspired by us, since NO ONE knows our hair better than we do.


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Discover the ultimate curl collection – our range of premium hair products designed to enhance and define your natural curls, leaving you with salon-worthy locks every day

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What's Your Texture and Why You Should Care?


Straight hair texture is identified by its lack of a defined curl pattern. Resilient and full of luster, this hair texture easily absorbs natural oils from the scalp while evenly distributing it through the hair’s shafts for nourishment. Because moisture and hydration are easily penetrated by straight hair, this hair type is less prone to split ends, breakage and dehydration. To keep this hair type vibrant, regular shampooing and conditioning are recommended to avoid oil build-up. Regular deep conditioning treatments and opting for multiple-purpose light products that won’t weigh down the hair are recommended for these tresses.


This hair texture resembles beautiful waves of the sea, and can fluctuate as much as WAVY the ocean. These curls are loose with strands lying flat on the scalp with inconsistent shape. Versatile - going from wavy to straight, use lightweight products to keep waves defined, healthy and without frizz.


With tighter, more delicate curls—kinky textures create noteworthy halos of beautiful strands that are jaw-dropping to see. These curls have the ability to withstand gravity, which makes them a perfect work of art to gaze upon. These dehydrated-prone curls should include protective styles to ensure health and length retention. The use of hydrating, moisturizing products and definers keep these curls popping.


These strands embrace frizz and are bouncy and spiral, forming ‘S’ like pattern from root to end. While the “S” may fluctuate in size—it’s consistent throughout, creating a ringlet. This hair texture requires consistent moisture to prevent from being dull and brittle.


These gorgeous curls dance to the beat of their own drum. Characterized by a well defined and unique zig-zag and ‘S’ pattern, this hair texture is thick and full of volume. This hair texture is wiry, coarse and typically packed tight to the scalp. Delicate in nature—this hair is prone to breakage. To ensure tresses are healthy—keep moisturized with consistent protein treatments as well as a deep conditioners.

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Handcrafted in the United States with pride

Every item we sell is lovingly handcrafted in the United States. Our community members have been carefully selected to work at our dedicated facility using centuries-old traditions from African women.