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Our Mission

We value individuality and recognize that no two heads of hair are alike, so we've created a wide range of products to complement your own distinct style. Our products are made to work with any hair texture and length, whether it's thick and curly, fine and smooth, long, short, color-treated, or normal. Since fabulous self-expression begins with perfect, healthy hair.

Our Philosophy

African Afro is dedicated to creating salon-quality hair care products that are affordable to all and allow you to achieve salon-like results at home.

We only use natural or organic products that are cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. Our main focus with each new product launch is healthier hair, which is backed up by comprehensive production research. Our method is simple: we listen, develop, and empower women all over the world.

 Our Natural & Organic Products improve the appearance, health, and texture of your hair while also adding a touch of luxury to your everyday styling routine. Our philosophy represents the high quality of our products, the best possible hair health, and your complete satisfaction. We support you in evolving into a better version of yourself.

Kimberly's Story

Kimberly Jefferson is a whirlwind of positive energy and warmth, her smile radiating infectious enthusiasm that captivates those around her. With an unwavering determination and a heart as vast as her curly, voluminous hair, she's someone who easily wins the hearts of everyone she meets.

Kimberly's journey with her natural hair speaks volumes about her resilience. Despite the struggles she faced, she embraced her curls with pride, each ringlet a testament to her heritage and a celebration of her unique beauty.

As Kimberly navigated her own hair journey, she encountered numerous challenges, but it was the birth of her premature daughter, Angelique, that intensified her quest for change. Angelique came into the world earlier than expected, and Kimberly's heart filled with an inexplicable mix of joy and worry.

She knew finding suitable products for Angelique’s delicate hair would be a struggle, her Frustration was fueled with determination, so Late nights in the hospital rooms were spent researching, and scouring stores for natural hair care products safe for her baby. Her drive to ensure Angelique and all children had access to natural, safe products for her hair extended to a vision where every black woman and child could embrace their unique beauty without compromise.

The idea began to take root in Kimberly's mind not just to create natural products suitable for her daughter’s hair, but to build a successful business and encourage women of color to embrace their natural beauty, one curl at a time, thus African Afro was born from her passion and necessity. Despite the challenges she faces in starting African Afro, Kimberly's enthusiasm remains unwavering. She faces setbacks with a smile, turning obstacles into stepping stones toward her vision. Her dedication and passion for her cause draw people not just as customers but as advocates for change.

Kimberly Jefferson isn't just an entrepreneur; she's a beacon of hope, a friend, and an inspiration. Her likability stems from her genuine desire to create a world where everyone—starting from her beloved daughter, Angelique—can embrace their natural beauty and cultural heritage with pride and joy.

Created by us, inspired by us, since NO ONE knows our hair better than we do.